The Mattress Industry is One Big Rip-Off

Published on Dec 5, 2018

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why are so many ppl unsubing???
Analeigh Chabot
Please ruin “the mandala effect.” It’s causing an existential crisis about my life.
jaden king
Her daughter is going to be a stripper
Ikea has the same mattress' for way cheaper i find. I got a Queen mattress that's the same quality as some of the ones i found at Brick which cost over $1200, and i managed to get mine for $300. Had it for 3 years now. Still works just as good since the day i bought it. Oh and that's Canadian Currency.
That's why I bought my mattress from Mattress Mick. Irish-made mattresses at affordable prices!
Wow I'm gonna start sleeping on my cold hardwood floor
Bradley Willoughby
Cheap, comfortable, and they need to last a long time are what I look for. I don’t want to feel like I’ve slept on a tree branch.
Too ADAM everything is an evil money hoarding monopoly next up "How dentist force you to buy 3.99$ toothpaste and that accessory toothbrush you gotta replace every 6 months because its one giant rip-off"
The Girth
penn and teller already did this.
Trevor Philips
Didn't even mention worst part.... how mattresses are constantly -25 to -50 percent off ... and often retailers specifically rotate the sales to make sure each mattresses still spends the regulated minimum amount of time at regular price (to say a regular price it can't be be sale more often than that).
Yeezy westy
i've seen a mattress in a local store for $7,000... I laughed. they are just rebadged bullshit probably worth $500
Allan Rodriguez
What about purple mattress?
BOHEMIAN Rhapsody -
This is the only time im excited for a scam
Truls Olsen
This is why I sleep on a sofa.
Suzie Nolasco
Is the xxx sleep magazine just a wet dream magazine
smo Bilson
Wow an actually good video.
Why won't you DIE?
Bryson Turner
The main woman in this video is from the Netflix show Insatiable, and she just LOOKS like the mom all the other moms hate.
Darahn Johnson
Has there been a episode on the NYSE?
So dem 'murriKKKan are in to Monopoly?! What Happened to free market?!
Tim Looijen
Now do adam ruins youtube rewind 2018Oh wait...
Jeremy Sims
I just sleep in a hammock and call it good!
Alex Jun
So which mattress company let you film there
TGiSH IllidanServer
Lol jokes on them I sleep on a pile of dirty clothes.
Is that woman from MADTV?
A14418525 12
2:49 top 10 fetishes
Considering you can get a memory foam mattress for a quarter of the cost of a spring mattress
Kiernan Deed
Dude I work for mattress firm we don’t even carry tempur because they literally do everything you just said. Also fun fact our beauty rest come from the manufacture it’s why their reps visit our stores Macy’s and pennies are produced in house built when you order they are different from the fact the franchise the names....
Brandon Mandell
I trash pick my mattresses.
Jacob Ewing
My wife and I bought a large firm futon from a local company that manufactures their own mattresses. It is by far and away the best surface either of us has ever slept on. Firm, but not hard, no springs to deal with, and when one of us rolls over, the other doesn't feel it and the bed doesn't creak. Well worth the 1000 CAD we spent on it.
Generic Name
Ikea has good 200$ mattresses
Saiful I.
Got one from Amazon and I'm happy with it. Paid 400 CAD with taxes and it's far better than the ones sold in stores and literally half the price. I sleep like a baby.
Tom Headen
head on down to Barnsley beds the best matterss' that money can buy in south yorkshire
Jaden Pelate
A non political video, great! This is the first one in years.
Barack obama
Mattress company: we don't scam its innovativeApple: hold my beer
Adam's show is so cringy.
These are common tactics not limited to mattresses
Pharaoh Misa
Okay but that purple mattress is life tbh.
throwing shade at the campfire like that leave them alone :(
June Juyeon Park
I bought my memory foam mattress off amazon for less than $200 and it's better than my parents $3000 mattress lol
Dark Vulcan
EXACTLY 30 seconds into the video she says "you have 30 seconds, go."
Virginia Noone
Also, if you think all mattresses are the SAME on the inside... you're out of your mind. If you think a traditional steel coil mattress will affect your back the same as a pocketed coil, or even a combination memory foam + pocketed coil... you have no idea what you're talking about. There's a huge difference in these materials and how they affect the pressure points in your body. There's a reason a coil mattress will only be a few hundred dollars, while a memory foam or purple is thousands. Sure, memory foam mattress A might be similar to memory foam mattress B... but those are WORLDS DIFFERENT from a traditional spring coil mattress. I'm speaking from experience. Also, if you sleep hot... there's a lot of cooling tech that can help you sleep better... but I guess it's all the same? Suuuuuuure it is.
It's a mattress for pity's sake. Buy the $200 one and be done with it.
Virginia Noone
Well, this video is depressing. My Fiance is a mattress salesman, and I've been supporting him every step of the way. He works for a big company that rhymes with Mattress Film... and he loves it. He tries really hard to do a good job. He knows everything about the products. He's a manager, and he works really hard to get people good deals... it is literally our livelihood. The sad thing is a bunch of customers treat him like a scam artist, when he's working his hardest to actually provide good service. The industry may be shiesty, but honestly a lot of these salespeople and managers are good people just trying to make a living. They know how people see them-- "shady"-- and work really hard to gain trust and do a good job... to undo that stereotype. He knows everything about foams, spring types, etc. and can tell you why and how they're different. He works really hard at it. This video just makes me really sad. He's the best person I know in the entire world, not a scam artist... and we were lucky to find this company too because it pays really well, provides benefits, and nice vacation. I hope some people take this video with a grain of salt, because this really isn't true for some salespeople.
Jack Albertin
Please go buy your mattress from a mom and pop type store. It's usually the same stuff, slightly less expensive and at least you're buying from the folks that own the store.
Xtra Daank
Make this stay on truTV
Brian Petraglia
If he did a little more research and wrote a few less clever comments, hed see that yes department stores are a rip-off, and they do jack up prices for no reason. However, if you look through the products, you will find they are actually different mattresses. Adam ruins actually teaching us something by not do enough research
Is it a thing in the states, to buy a matress like some sort of all family once a 10 year decision car aquirment? Because here in eastern Europe we just buy a matress and hate it for the half of your life.
I feel like the title, "Adam ruins mattresses", is flirting with libel.
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