Match the Baby to Their Parent (Karlos) | Lineup | Cut

Published on Dec 4, 2018

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Runtime 00:03:55

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Carlos Ariza
volk dukh
Is Karlos anyone elses favorite person on cut ? , He's the only funny one
Is he gay?
awonderingcloud 0-0
Kpop plus Yaoi
His laugh gives me life 😂
Aleah Smith
3:51 "why y'all have me judgin' these babies" lmao
Flaffy Cheez
I love how he turned around and was like "heheheh that ain't yo baby"
EL à Nore rigby
1:40 wisest move
Jung Hosucc
That dad about to throw hands at 2:52
“Congratulations to your parented for pushing this beast out” Bitch, What?
Derek Gonzalez
how do you block a channel on YouTube. i thought i figured it out but i guess not. CUT YOU HAVE LITERAL GARBAGE CONTENT. i hate you and i hate seeing you in my suggestions
kate c
“Conratulations to your partner for delivering this beast” lmfao karlos has no filter
bear bear plusheen
bear bear plusheen
Karlos is so rude, he completely neglected the fact that the gentleman had a kid, a stereotypical idiot
Jasmin Bush
I hate when people think the baby’s not yours because of skin complexion 😠*NEWS FLASH*: POC come in a bajillion different skin tones, and even two parents with the same skin tone can have a baby of another! 😑
Ryan Castillo
Takes a real nigga to be around children, and not go out and get milk...
Demure Drey
This is gonna be interesting 😂😅
Steve Harvey
You are doing God's work by sorting the babies to their parent
Such a terrible way to look at a baby when we all start out that way.
Kyle Miller
I've seen this happen live before. It was cringey af
Ahmed Jama
This guy totally insensitive
God Lee
Interracial babies are so ugly
Heath Gower
1:34 Yep that's her baby😂 look at the way she is swinging him so naturally😂
is this a reupload?
Emma Clinton
I can’t be the only one who saw this video a few months ago... right?
Candie Luvv
Did they reupload this??
Mike Miller
Nigga be like all you white one kid each ? Whatttt?
Joel Darcheville
Babies Rule!!!
Kenneth Lucas
Omg Karlos is so disrespectful I am half joking half serious
this guy is exploiting the kids
Michael Druker
One word RACIST
Bobbie Koppejan
Just throw the baby in the air then you'll find out soon enough.
I wonder how much they pay each person..
Bryan Lopez
Karlos is a complete idiot. You guys need to remove him.
Amanda P
This guy is so funny! As a parent I can say his assessment of parenthood is.... pretty much right on the money! Lol.
Mayank MYK
I lub babies
lifey yermi
I almost spat out my Lipton.... a couple times...
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Noah Flinn
1:14 get off me , you gay piece of shit.
Noah Flinn
I hate that black carlos dickhead. Fucking gay 🤮
Jon Idoncair
I clicked just for the hot dad1:35 what is red shirt doin....
Awesome Toys
1:13 was hilarious hahahaha the face u give your mom when u confused
Aylen Raynes
“Congratulations to your wife for delivering this beast... “HEY MOMMA!”” 🤦🏼‍♀️😂
Raul oceans
Omg Karlos is so rude sometimes. I would've slapped him if he called my baby a beast lmao
Hello Old friend
" that aint your baby"
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