Conan Surprises Japanese Fans

Published on Dec 3, 2018

Last year, a couple invited Conan to their wedding in Japan. Conan couldn’t make it, but he's stopping by their house now with a special wedding gift in tow. More CONAN @ Team Coco is the official YouTube channel of late night host Conan O'Brien, CONAN on TBS & Subscribe now to be updated on the latest videos: For Full Episodes of CONAN on TBS, visit Get Social With Team Coco: On Facebook: On Google+: On Twitter: On Tumblr: On YouTube: Follow Conan O'Brien on Twitter:

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See it if was Leno : A. no one would invite him anywhere because he's not funny or likeable. B. she would just keep the door shut after the 3rd peek. C. It wouldn't get about 1.5 mil views even after 2 years, and never after 1 week.
They still look exactly the same like on the photo, so the "surprise" is staged.
Oh my god sometimes I want to sock Jordon in the face.
Doug Carruthers
Coco doesn't realise this but that moment in their lives where the tall orange haired slender man called in to say hi will stay with them for life
G.Y. Shen
Will Conan come to Taiwan, pls? :-/
tom wilon
tell conan i love him
Jhin17 Ezreal
loll! the way Conan is looking back at the camera after her screams and closing the door is priceless! XD
Conan's a legend.
Long isGone
That is so hilarious. reminds me of my co-worker. Just ask him a question and he just goes off on a tangent
The Fractalist
''you like jordan schlansky?!..''
Oi Ulti
Now how can I maintain my sense of self, in a world that wants to defeat me. LOLOLOLOL
Jeffro P. Koaltrain
I Love Conan’s humor.
Alexander T
0:47 poor lady lives inside a refrigerator..
Mohammed Hussain
That feeling when you've been watching every Conan video online for years but realised you haven't subscribed. Have now.
Dollar 21
Is that a fridge front door?
Aditya Nair
So they dress like that at home? what a surprise!!
Fred Roberts
This couple were pretty good sports.
Look at that top notch design of a main entrance door, dayum! But it also looks like a fridge door.
Jeff L
At least Conan has people in other countries watching his show. I bet its because Japanese dont have red hair. Those that do watch him in Japan, Probably dont understand english and have the volume off and watch thinking it is a windy day Mcdonalds commercial.
Schwitz Potazo
Li Jay
J Do
at first, it looked like they lived inside of a refridgerator.
Leahcim Nworb
Mr Ramirez
Japanese etiquette dictates that you scream at your front door for guests
Maria Chavez
Conan is the GOAT of Late Night Talk Show Host.
Matt L.
keep these vids coming!
Ethan Hale
Jordan was pretty funny, for awhile, at first. Cute, even. And then I actually begin to sympathize with Conan.
Matthew Evans
They should've invited Jordan Schlansky to their wedding.
Yola Rivero
love conan, love jordan
Johnny T
I just want the wife.
Shing Foo
Wow jordan's good
Gotta invite Conan to my wedding, visit Taiwan !!!!
I mug
i never would be able to walk away while someone talks, i believe it's rude to do so and also i am way too much of a nice person >.>
Aditya Waghmare
Top 10 Anime Moments
Nika Arfa
i really want Conan to come to Iran it will be my dream come TRUE and like them they surprise me for example on my birthday ?1 that is in 13 of July ?? i don't know but they are so lucky and i m just thinking how do they invite Conan cause i like to invite him to and show him around one day because my favorite talk show is Conan thats all !! :)
Mike Hawk
America: culture of excess and sin. Japanese: culture of minimalism and class.
Conan is a national treasure
Daniel L.A
Ching chong
Tahseer Khan
Jordan is just love
The weirdest Kawa / 川 (river) kanji I have ever seen in my whole life.
Michael H.
Stop mentioning Jimmy Fallon. He's not worth the letters.
macamaca long
Jordan becomes so good in his acting lol Just respectfull
Are Bawesome
Jordan's the best. Rofl.
Usually with these kind of things the producers show up, get people to sign paperwork: Set cameras up and everything and then they get "surprised". This time i think it was not just an act.
Rocky Lee
Poor Jordan wwwwwwwww
Oatmeal Joey Arnold
Minimalism, word of the day.
Oatmeal Joey Arnold
1:23 after massive threesome
Aditya Waghmare
Omae Wa Mou Shinderu
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