Worst As Seen On TV Products - RANKED

Published on Dec 5, 2018

We've gathered some of the worst As Seen on TV products we could find, and now it's time to rank them and see which is the worst of the worst.  GMM #1437 Watch today's GMMore: https://youtu.be/XAEkav_H3_w Want more GMM? Watch this season from the start: http://bit.ly/GMM_S14 Pick up official GMM and Mythical merch at https://mythical.store and https://www.amazon.com/mythical Don’t miss our weekly podcast, Ear Biscuits: https://applepodcasts.com/earbiscuits Follow Rhett & Link:  Instagram: https://instagram.com/rhettandlink Facebook: https://facebook.com/rhettandlink Twitter: https://twitter.com/rhettandlink Website: https://mythical.com/ Check Out Our Other Mythical Channels: Good Mythical MORE: https://youtube.com/goodmythicalmore Rhett & Link: https://youtube.com/rhettandlink Mythical: https://youtube.com/thisismythical Want to send us something? https://mythical.com/contact Submit your Wheel of Mythicality intro video here: https://bit.ly/GMMWheelIntro Intro Animation by Digital Twigs: https://www.digitaltwigs.com Intro & Outro Music by Jeff Zeigler & Sarah Schimeneck https://www.jeffzeigler.com Supplemental Music from Extreme Production Music: https://www.extrememusic.com/ Mic: ‘The Mouse’ by Blue Microphones https://www.bluemic.com/mouse/

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Hapster Hap
How'd they get the Wendy's girl to be on GMM?
Trust Me, I Know What I'm Doing.
I officially died at "It smells like a bitter divorce in here" LMAO LOVE YA'LL!
Major Science Fiction Fan
Lol why would you put that mask on I be so afraid it fry my face 😂
Wilfried Zaha
Schnitzel is pork not chicken
Salinas Shea
Omg 1999 is the year I was born
Destiny Smith
I love Jordan so much
Jacob Edwards
Ticket Taker: "Enjoy your movie."Rhett: "You too..."Me: "Relatable"
Maria Zambon
Omg I love seeing the crew hanging out, it is so funny and wholesome!
That brunette girl is extremelyyyyyyy bangable
No Vids
"It can't carry water cause it doesn't have a tank" … "Does this thing have a tank?"
Kevin Hall
I like how the ugliest GMM crew member also has the most charm
Beau Remington
Shitzel. That's a first for this show. Way to go! (Sweet mother of God, I really should have waited to see the womans eyes. Holy crap, the eyes on that commercial of the mask will keep me up at night.)
Aquilis Blasco
I need more Stevie in my life. 😍
Lacy May
That beginning part was a little targeting and I don’t appreciate it
Anthony Marr
Can Jordan even name more than one of Cotton Candy Randy's songs? Fake fans smh
z m
Bring back mike and alex. They didnt try so hard to be funny.
hell Bent
like...like .......likedid i mention like and he like then she like
The redheaded girl is hilarious I love her
Raptor Boi O
2:17 to 2:42 close your eyes and listen
Amber "Casey Condemned"
12:39 IS A LOOK!
Link has the biggest forehead
okay this needs to be a regular series!
JORDAN AND EMILY MY FAVS <3333 how do i find them on twitter i bet their tweets are hilarious!
Amarie Zyanne
Jordan is Cotton Candy Randy!!!! Am i crazy or am i right?
Meow Rchl
That one girl was so bad at forcing jokes that it literally hurt me. Where's the other girls they were the best.
Andres Escalante
I kinda got a crush on stevie
Laura Labeau
the mask looks like jason
dancergirl 14
I love when they have the GM Crew on the show!!
chase kman 3
The new michael myers with the mask that destroys your face😃
Enmanuel de la Nuez
Emily should have her own series
First time Seeing stevie, and man is she a babe!
Naomi Lewis
“You’re into crystals now” 😂
Mr Nolalife
Good job gmm for doing a fundraiser for st. Jude
zoomies ?
Iain Wolf
Literally worst Gmm I have ever watched. Never have they seemed so old and white.
Lily Flavin
I love Sumner Washington
Halloween is life
Dirty chief called me. He told me that this is it.
What are these extra trash people on the show
Now I know who Jordan reminds me of! He looks like a young John C. Reilly!
Johnny Q
You guys could do without the try hard useless folks in the couch.
Hilarry Ciltnon
Emily was the funniest one this time.
Quinn O'Neil
It’s like a row machine
I feel like Jordan tries a little too hard to be funny
Mia Serrano
does anyone actually think jordan is funny
Kaitlyn Komar
Wait a minute.... Emily is a redhead!!! ALIEN!!! ALIEN!!! (You'll only get the joke if you watch Rhett and Link's Hard Truth 'Redheads are Aliens' episode).
Ryan Moran
If number 1 is the most useless as seen on tv product flex seal is number 1000000000000000000000000000000
Zoe Moore
Schnitzel is actually fried pork, and it’s a German food. It’s also very delicious
Jacob Frish OFFICIAL
Link: "The Best way to combat late night restlslsllsltlsltslsss"0:29
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