AirPods 2 & 3 Leak! Release Date, Rumors & Concept!

Published on Dec 4, 2018

AirPods 2 & 3 Are Coming! New Design, Features & Colors? Everything We Know Including Release Date, Leaks & New Concept! Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaks: 2019 iPhone Leaks:

Runtime 00:11:30

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Alec Toole
Bought yesterday the one’s 🙄
Sander Evers
I feel like this video could be at least 10 minutes shorter..
Emma Taveras
I hope they release it before March 2019 cuz I really want to get Airpods for my birthday :)
I just went to Best Buy to buy AirPods but they where out and I asked when they will be getting new ones and they said not until 2019 because the AirPods 2 where coming out
Bro shut the fuck up make a 10sec video dumb cunt
Renaissance Fitness
If they didn’t sound like complete garbage I would buy them. Although you see cuck’s wearing them at the gym.
Tiago Freitas
i really want a skin like him's to my airpods. Does anyone knows the link
dark xtern
I can't afford an Iphone I'm still stuck with a Samsung Note 3 😭
Erdem Özdemir
aynısı amk
Angela Dixon
I washed mines in the wash machine and they did NOT work after lol
Equilibrium Gatekeeper
So the new airplugs NOT AIRPODS are just a different color ?? Woowwww apple is really innovative!!! My god please give me my 11 minutes back because this video is really crapp like apple is
Henry Crick
I would hope that because air pods 2 come out normal air pods prices would go down this would boost sales and many people would consider buying into air pods 3 in the future also I’m broke so apple make them cheaper pls
LMAO Air power is dead ! Why are you taking about it ?
Elisa Guevara
I’m coo w my air pods I just get high and listen to music so it automatically sounds 100% better
I won't buy them till audio quality and loudness increases, i've tried them many times.the fit is fine, it's just that even their max volume is kinda shit, and the bass isn't that great even with an eq setup.
Tomkanplay 2
I’m sorry but this is just a waist of you buy the air pod2 if you already have air pods
Ivan Petrovic
How much will they cost?
Ali Ghazian
R u russian?
Serezha Mestny
Что за два полупокера в рекламе долбожопы
Jeff Garcia
I lost my airpods
Anahita Taassori
Lisenin to this with ma AirPods
wowzer 21
“Air pods are not that expensive” Bruh I cant even afford bread lol, I’m broke af
xtheBademeisterx Djjd
With those informations the video could as well be 10 seconds long lol
dave handsoap
AirPods are bad. I’m sorry if you think otherwise, but they’re objectively much worse than the competitors, at twice the price. Same deal with ALL Apple products. Still, LOVE the vids!
sergey s
bla bla bla
All I want is volume controls on the headphones themselves and slightly better noise cancelling
You can already use Hey Siri with AirPods....
Lol who’s watching this with AirPods??
I work in a gym... pretty much everyone has either AirPods or Beats Studio at this point
Malik Ismail Ahmed
HAHHA my dad told me to wait till Airpods 2 and after seeing this im so waiting for the grey ones :)
Gregory Pabst
I literally just watched you repeat yourself over and over for 11 minutes.
You can't use Bluetooth on planes
Malcolm Black
11:19 - Apple probably won't do that because they would want more people to buy their wireless charging pad that they will have to release if they add wireless charging to Airpods. Or they could bump up the prices of the iPhones capable of reverse charging by about $100 to compensate for lower sales of the charging pad. Let's see how much money Apple can milk from the consumers before everyone realizes what Apple is doing...
lost man vlogs
All most people has them right now
Louis Rachman
elek is gay pls donate
Hi! Can you do a video and impressions of Ticpods Free by Mobvoi please. I love airpods but they fall from my left ear only. I just didn't have luck with airpods. So i would appreciate a review of Mobvoi Ticpods Free from you cause I trust you man . I follow you for so long now. Thanks!!!!!
Brami Khados
Well I just went and bought the AirPods and was thinking fuck now the new ones have came out they will be heaps better but a hey Siri feature and a new chip to make them connect faster I think I can go without lmao what worthless features
Brami Khados
Siri is useless they should start by fixing Siri make her like google
Pia Sharp
how do these things handle wind? With wired mics you can just hold and cover the mic when talking whilst walking.
• Tuchkov •
вулкасом лучший хазпхзпхп
Marcio Lopes
This video could have been 2 minutes
Ian Kim
peep that model 3 in the background
jullian willis
I remember when everyone was talking s*** about air pods and now they all got them 💀
So does anyone know the official release date for the AirPods in 2019 I know he said early 2019 but I just want to know but if they don’t release the ones with different colors I guess I will wait one more year until 2020
tony z
Ryan Vlogs
How early can you say it would be released in 2019 I’m not tryna but some rn if I can’t get those let’s say next month if they release it that early, and how much of a price difference would it be
Pranav Suresh
Dude!! How many ads? Please limit it. Too many right now!
Erick Ruvalcaba
ugh he’s so cute
Bruh I got an iPhone 6 and my first priority is to get AirPods before I get an upgrade
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