Being the Best/Worst Ever

Published on Dec 2, 2018

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Tom Draper
so i have a "friend" that thinks that another one of my friends is only depressed because you made a video about stuff like that and i was just wondering what your thoughts on that are
Unusual Aussie
+Jaiden just a thank you for for being the best of part of that rewind dumpster fire. Gotta have Felix one way or the other.
Console Club
congrats for posting a vid that is better quality than a disney movie!!!1!!!!!!1111111!!
Fernão Vigano de oliveira
Demotized why YouTube WHY
Darren Pham
Everyone is talking about how Jaiden snuck in PewDiePie's chair into YT Rewind, but am I the only one that figured out that Jaiden left another secret message on the shelf? There was a submarine next to a picture with two fingers, next to a big capital P, so it's "SUB 2 PEWDIEPIE"
Literally the animation sequence and Primitive technology were the only good things in YouTube Rewind.
Luka Ray
I've had a lot of issues with social anxiety and watching your videos didn't just help with that but also made me want to become a YouTube animater just wanted to thank you
Rosedrop Ash
The self-improvement of Jake Paul
ya should be proud of yourselfyou put a bit of pewds in yt rewind
PurpleWolfProductions :3
literally the only good part of yt rewind. the rest was pure cringr
Sam Lattakia سام لاتاكيا
You are a Legend 👏Not just for what you did in youtube rewind ..But also for yor epic content🔥🔥🔥
Congrats on 5 million!!! I'm probably late on that but idc
Devin Keefee
Jaiden you thug
Ken Kaneki
Skskssksk this was posted while I was on a vacation I h a v e w a i t e d s o l o n g
Amami Aiko
Thank you jaiden. for drawing pewdiepie's chair in youtube rewind. he was there in spirit ;-;
8:54 As all things should be
Sub 2 Pewds Reference I Love U
fluffy unicorns
I really am thankful that you put this video out. I’m gonna try to get a few of my friends to watch it cuz I think that you hit some important points
Yakoub Barcelona10
Subscribed to you ^^you have the best animations with Andrei Terbea also we all know you are a legend now for making youtube failure i mean rewind better at least with that cool tornado "can you do this x thug life" move lol
I have never seen your content and won't, but thanks for the Pewds Chair. You did your part there, thanks
Jackson Mitchell
You were in YouTube rewind 2018,
zoe govopoulos
Thank you jaiden for carrying youtube on your shoulders
Lucas Garcia
You were the best part in rewind
Thanks for putting the PewDiePie 399 chair in the worst video ever (btw ur part it's good)
Fancy Snazzel
This video deserves as many likes as it has views...NOEven more!
Noah Suarez
Thank you for adding pewdiepie chair
Cupcakeunicorn 8
CobreoToons C.O.T
The only person from youtube rewind i have respect for.
Mark Zuckerburg
God bless you for the 399 chair
Quiet Storm
I went to your oldest videos,Umm, your picture has been there for four years on the bottom left of the thumbnails.And it still works perfectly.
Cookiekat art
Thanks for doing your part, 9 year old army thanks you!
Payawe Amicare
Good that you edited the site of pewdiepei in YT rewind
small GENUIS
You were amazing in the rewind :,)
my name is ruth 0:02
jamil phillips
Love the video
Video: sit down be humble
Cupcakeunicorn 8
good samaritan
Thank you for doing your part
Its Ava
She's annoying
jamil phillips
Thanks for pewds chair
blue paint
The nine year old army loves you jaiden for making that pewdiepie reference in the worst video on yt. 👍👍👍👍👍
Gaming Crave007
Some weird meme
6:28I con’t believe you’ve don this
Rita Granados Vera
6:06 I like purple 💜
Damn everyone really is excited for the chair thing.. yes we get it jaiden is a legend but that’s nothing new
Crispy Rice
I suck at everything doe ._.
Doggo Lord
Amber Potter
9:02 oof
I love those intense dabs😂
But I’m not a pitcher I’m a catcher
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