Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Trailer 2

Published on Dec 4, 2018

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Runtime 00:02:19

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that CGI at the end was horrendous. also the acting was questionable
Mucho Taco
Thanos Facebook Status: Busy🙄
Nosa Bourdy
Why punch an old white woman though?
Big Man
Brie Larson might just wipe out half of the Marvel's fan base...and ticket sells. I hope im wrong. I hope we remember all the good quality films Marvel put out if this one bombs.
People be like; 'Nick Fury wouldn't act like that'Y'all never owned a cat before, have you? That's the exact reaction cats elicit from cat owners the moment their cat walks into the room.
Please, PLEASE let Captain Marvel beat the crap out of Thanos in Endgame!
Houston Helicopter Tours Inc.
She should stick to making sandwiches
Ace Fool
Almost like Marvel's version of Green Latern
I'm almost certain that Danvers and Fury will have some kind of falling out. In Winter Soldier he mentioned he lost his eye trusting someone and this is before that happens. It also mirrors how Tony and Steve had falling out in Civil War. And how Tony hesitates to call Steve on his phone, and Fury somehow had a way to call Danvers whenever he needed her.
Down voted. Captain Marvel needs to smile more.
What ever you have to do , Paige hathaway is Zarda!!! Coming soooon & M.trottier is Artemis, we still got time
Adam Warlock is spinning in his pod right now.
Abdel Girard
Boooooo!!!! ima still watch tho but Boooooo!! wayy to destroy the comics when creating live action Booooo!
Meh... They sure like their her hero transition don't they? Sooooooooo edgy and creative. Bleh
jelly fish
Sheeettttttt! Ahhhhhhh. Hurry up and let it be march already!
Emma Johnson
The first trailer was kinda lame but this looks a lot better. Was gonna see it either way cause she's gonna be in end game, but now I'm more hyped. It's great how many awesome trailers we've been getting. First Shazam (yes you can like DC too, and I still prefer Nolan's batman trilogy to any superhero movies), then this, and now end game!
kane vergel conde
she will meet the avengers and start the second part of the war
1:50 I KNEW IT!!! Another female Super Saiyan!!
Oooh the cg isn't great though is it
jjardin 26
there is almost nothing that can make me more excited than marvel upcoming movies....omg....gonna be insane
Thanos get ready cause she might aswell end you.
Dávid Heim
at least she smiles now xD
Valdir Espindula
Que atuação bosta desta mulher.
Ks Lorenzo
Look how powerful she is ... Amazing
She still looks bored...
So, they introduce the MCU's MOST powerful Mary Sue in MARCH 2019, and then in APRIL they put her in AVENGERS END GAME and she punches Thanos into the sun? SCREW THAT.
Newie account101
captain marvel is a alien, A man in 3 of the comics and a girl in 2.. but sorry i just dont buy the new captain marvel played by a 28yr blonde... just kills my understanding from the comics i used to read back in the 70s-80s.. all this fandangle of woman power is becoming abit over the top and in our faces and has no place in the marvel comics or stories. i think nebula should be the one to fight thanos as no one has more hate for thanos than her, its writen in the comics... infact due to captain marvels powers we dont need the other heros.. we are left with captain marvel for the next 10yrs fighting impossible baddies.. so be prepared for more girl power :(
Leo r27
The costume department looks like it leaned on the Green Ranger for source Material.
E1337hobo X
Now this is pod racing!
Why not a sexier actress ? xD
Gachawish99873 14
The cat scene tho😂😂😂😂😂😂
Aegix Drakan
I....Don't know what I think about the mohawk helmet, but alright, I'm interested in the rest. XD
Case Bouy
Lmao the old woman fought back 😂😂😂😂
El Geek Enlatado
Captain Marvel sucks
chandler ma
This is actually pretty good!
Lu Jr
These Marvel films are getting old - fast.
Rosella Joseph
Make a movie on that old lady instead lol
VorTeX Cryptics
I swear to christ if that cat is the reason fury loses his eye
Teeny TV
This looks awesome. Can’t wait to watch it. I like this whole set up they’ve given her :DIt’s kinda cringy when they do the ‘her’ to ‘hero’ thing though, like I can see you are a woman. Well done? Haha young Samuel L Jackson 😂😂 I love him he’s super cool as always
This is going to be so lame. First Marvel movie I have no intentions of seeing in the theater.
Monster munchies
Most miserable looking female in the mcu... Well she is played by a miserable female who doesn't need white men to see her movies remember lol no doubt when they bad reviews come out it will be blamed on sexist white males
She sounds like a 12 year old.
Christian Schmude
So a lot of talk is being made about her line delivery being flat and I don't disagree per se but I have a couple points to make:(1) most of the lines that are said are some level of trailer fodder they aren't really reflective of the films entire script but instead meant to be quotable and mildly melodramatic - weather it's good or at the very least well-executed trailer fodder lines is a discussion in and of itself but there is a distinction hereAnd (B) it seems highly implied I don't know too much about the characters comic Origins sadly outside of the most famous details seems to be going for something of a stone-faced Soldier stoicism which makes perfect sense if she's been raised by the Kree and is clearly suppressing a more human emotion. If you look at it that way her delivery makes perfect sense... sure we were Reserve judgment until we see the finished product but the implication is not that she's phoning it in but that is legitimately the intended direction for the character and she's playing it accordingly
Hats off to everyone who knew that old lady was a skrull from the get go! 👍👍
Claire Isabella
can we talk about how carol danvers and kara danvers are the same
Gabriel Ma
Thanos is crying rn watching this
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