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Verna Movie is Banned Central Board of Film Censors Pakistan

CBFC has banned Shoaib Mansoor’s film Verna starring Mahira Khan and Haroon Shahid in lead roles. After six years the movie would have marked the return of Shoaib Mansoor in Pakistan film Industry. The last film he released was BOL.


Mahira Khan’s Movie Verna banned by Pakistan’s central censor board


Verna movie story
Verna movie story


As per an official statement by ‘Hum Films’, Shoaib Mansoor is now appealing to Censor Board for immediate relief for his film Verna. The full board will review the film today and people are hoping that the ban will be lifted from the movie.

The film is projecting real issues of Pakistan, a girl played by ‘Mahira Khan’ is raped in the movie and she seeks her revenge. What would be the reason to ban such movies that portray the real, truthful but bitter aspects of life?


Pakistani Audience wants to see those issues in filming and they love what they doing. Thousands of tweets been obsessed on twitter about #verna movie.

Verna Movie Premier Show Cancel

Verna Premiere Show

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