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VEON has crossed 1 million downloads on Google Play Store veon app.

It reached this milestone on the Play Store in 19 days, which is a record in its own right.
This isn’t the first achievement by VEON. It became the Top Free App on Google Play Store just a week after its launch. Similarly, it was also the first app on the Top Communications App category.

On the iTunes App Store in iOS, VEON was at second place, just behind WhatsApp in the Top Free Apps category.

veon pakistan : A pakistani jazz app ?

About VEON
The app was launched less than a month ago in partnership with Jazz. To that end, 53 million Jazz users will be able to use some of VEON’s paid services, free of charge.

VEON Becomes the Top Free App on Android & iOS in Pakistan

VEON  offers services akin to WeChat. It includes:

Messages / Calls
Just like WeChat, VEON  aims to become a solutions provider for different kinds of utilities, from ordering an Uber/Careem, watching your favorite TV show or paying your electricity bill. The company will partner with third parties to enable the above mentioned services.

These services aren’t currently available on the app for now.

VEON on the App Store

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