Uber Launches Uber Mini #UberMini for Even Lower Fares in Islamabad & Rawalpindi


We are thrilled to announce Uber Mini is now available in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, connecting Pakistan’s twin cities to safe, reliable, and affordable rides.

Uber Becomes Affordable-Introduces Cheaper Rides Mini Uber Today in Islamabad

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Mini Uber in Rawalpindi & Islamabad


 uber mini

After selecting Mini Uber, the following screen will appear while highlighting the capacity option for 4 riders.

uber mini

At the tap a button, Uber will connect you with the closest available UBER MINI partner driver in Islamabad or Rawalpindi, ready to pick you up in minutes. You’ll see a photo of your driver, the license plate and type of car they are driving, and even follow their car on the app as they make their way to you. You can even use the ‘Share my ETA’ feature with family and friends so they know your route. MINI prices will depend on car type many car leasing companies in Pakistan will be taken interest in online ride services. that will also increase car insurance in Pakistan in auto mobile industry as well.

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Mini Uber Car Type #UberMini

uberMINI’s will be your familiar Suzuki Mehran’s that are going to be bringing you uber MINI prices.

The best thing about uberMINI? It’s going to make your commute cheaper than even the simplest pleasures in life!

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uberMINI Pricing

Uber Base Fare Per KM Per Minute Minimum Fare
50 4 2.5 75

Popular Route Fare Estimates

  • F-11 to Blue Area in Rs. 100 – Less than a cup of coffee
  • I-8 to Centaurus Mall in Rs. 105 – Less than a roll paratha
  • Saddar to Commercial Market in Rs. 110 – Now less than an Afghani burger
  • Satellite Town to Faizabad in Rs. 120 – Now less than a Savour

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Uber Becomes Affordable-Introduces Cheaper Rides “Mini Uber” Today in Islamabad and Rawalpindi

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