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Pink Rickshaw Women Empowerment Startup Be Entrepreneur No Doubt women have many hidden talents by which they can achieve their target by hard working in this case pink rickshaw startup is one of them they have taken one step forward for the ride of the pink rickshaw.

pink rickshaw in lahore

The Pink Rickshaw in Lahore

Pink Rickshaw was introduced by lady Social Activist ZAR ASLAM. she has taken the step of Women professional earning way which they can help and support to their family by riding a rickshaw, this pink rickshaw picks female passenger into Lahore city.

pink rickshaw in pakistan

The Pink Rickshaw Scheme- putting women in the driving seat

Pink Rickshaw was made for female entrepreneurs those ladies who have a good education but still fail to get a good job in their curriculum. as per Mis Zar Aslam, her pink rickshaw gives rickshaw to females in easy installments basis by which needy females can afford it.  Female Rickshaw drivers says having the high education but lake of jobs makes life difficult so they have decided to have their own business or work but pink rickshaw makes them having own rickshaw by which they can make money by riding rickshaw on Lahore city roads.



Pink Rickshaw Female Drivers

By riding pink rickshaw female drivers feel secure work and the good  professional environment by picking up same-gender passengers.

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