New Islamabad Airport

Islamabad Airport Launch in Coming up

New Islamabad Airport’s launch is closing in. One of the country’s biggest airports is set to be operational by 14th August 2017 at Islamabad. A few months ago, a video went viral, giving us a sneakpeak at the new airport, now we have several pictures which show the current state of infrastructure for new islamabad airport this will be greater hub in asian largest airports as per pakistan geogracial structure that will boost airline industry in pakistan.

New Islamabad Airport Aerial View 

New Islamabad Airport Aerial View

Government of pakistan revealed that the airport would be 95 percent complete by the end of March 2017 and by looking at the pictures, we think things are finally on schedule. Previously the airport’s launch date was delayed several times.

The new airport is estimated to serve 4,500 people at the same time. 15 aircraft parking bays and the ability to dock two Airbus A-380 planes, makes it the stand out air hub in Pakistan. State of the art facilities in cargo management, safety, security and passenger facilitation are sure to improve people’s air travel experience.

Linked with motorways, GT road and metro bus project will make the airport easily accessible for people in the whole region.

Previously, the airport has garnered a lot of attention thanks to year-long delays and design flaws. The airport was supposed to have the capacity to fly and land two planes at the same time, but an engineering error led to the construction of airways closer than they should have been. The project cost has exceeded Rs. 100 billion.

Pictures of the New Islamabad Airport

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  1. Masha Allah great pakistan , pakistan zindabad great achievement of our beloved country pakistan , i realy appriciate those people who makes and build up this lovely and buitifull airport of islamabad , this extra mile effort to show respect of our country
    Pakistan zidabad


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