ASF Plane restaurant

PIA AeroPlane Has Been Transformed Into a Lavish Restaurant in Karachi.

ASF converts an old PIA B-747 aircraft into a modern restaurant in #Karachi  Photos by Faisal Kiyani.


In a unique move, Airport Security Force (ASF) has converted an old PIA aircraft into a restaurant. Confirmed via a tweet from Danyal Gilani, GM Public Affairs and a PIA spokesperson, the new restaurant has just been launched.

aeroplan resturant in karachi

Turning an Old PIA Plane Into a Restaurant

One of PIA’s unused Boeing 747 AP-BFV aircraft was moved to the old area side of Jinnah International Airport in Karachi.

After that, the ASF officials refurbished and converted the whole plane in such a manner that it looks like a lavish restaurant from the inside.

Lavish Restaurant in Aeroplan Karachi

PIA Plane restaurant seating arrangements, sidewalls, roof and flooring have all been remodelled while new decorations give the plane a nice look.

yes a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are a few photos of the plane-cum-restaurant. They much pretty say it all about the new ASF plane restaurant.


ASF plane restaurant

This is not the first time that a plane has been refurbished for some other use. Not so long ago, an aircraft was converted to restaurant in India although it wasn’t as lavish as this.


Aeroplane Restaurant Lavish

The aforementioned 747-300 AP-BFV, also known as Jumbo, was retired back in late 2014 and was moved out of the airport hangers. The plane fell victim to a terrorist attack in 2014. PIA donated the aircraft to ASF and it was to be used for anti-terrorism training purposes. Prior to that it made news due to three incidents in 2012 – burst tyres on landing, bird strike and a cracked windshield.


Hawai adda restaurant Karachi menu

Perhaps ASF found a better use for it in the shape of a restaurant. Nonetheless, the new restaurant may just prove to be a popular attraction in Karachi, especially during the Ramzan months as Iftar times approach.

Photo Credits: Faisal M. Kiyani

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