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PAXI – The First PINK TAXI Service in Pakistan
Paxi App The latest entrant to the market is Paxi. However, unlike the other ride-sharing services which conventionally rely on apps, Paxi goes beyond just app.

Considering that majority of people in the country are still not using smartphones or not tech-savvy enough to use the app to hail the ride, Paxi is offing services through call centre and SMS. The new services will be kicked off from Karachi.

“Besides an app, we’re also setting up a call centre, where customers can call and book a ride,” said Zahid Sheikh, CEO and co-founder of Paxi.

PINK Taxi in Karachi

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Explaining how it will work, Sheikh said: “When a customer calls at the call centre, the representative sitting there will create an account of the customer using their cell number and issue them a 4-digit PIN. Once the ride comes to the customer, they’ll have to give the 4-digit code to initiate the ride.”

Additionally, you will also be able to book your ride by simply texting their helpline.




Not only that, you’ll also be ableto  hail Paxi on the road. In order to make sure that their cars are recognisable so a customer can stop and hail it, the company plans to vinyl wrap all their vehicles by their services. Further, the captains will be uniformed.



Paxi has already launched it’s Bike-Taxi services on trial basis. Explaining why they decided to launch the bike service, the CEO said in a city like Karachi where traffic congestion makes travelling really difficult, bike-service is ideal for short distance travel.


Pink taxi: Women-only service to be launched in Karachi

Female cab driver in Karachi

By women, for women

Besides Paxi, the company is also launching a women-exclusive ride hailing service called ‘Pink Taxi’.

Careem introduces 7 female captains to its fleet from karachi and lahore

The aim of this service is to provide an environment where not only passengers feel comfortable but is also safe for women captains, Sheikh said. The CEO said they want to give women an equal opportunity. “If our women can fly planes, why not Paxi?” he remarked.

However, this is not the first time a ride-hailing service has introduced a female-exclusive service. In December last year, taxi-hailing service Careem also introduced women drivers.


 How to apply in Paxi as Driver

Paxi is female drivers in karachi and lahore,

Turn your miles into Money!

Singles, divorced, and married females having no source of income are highly encouraged to apply.
We also do provide assistance and help in acquiring driving licenses in collaboration with the Capital City Traffic Police, License Branch, the Government of Sindh.
Female drivers in karachi Want to join us?

Write to us at or


pink taxi karachi contact number Call us at 021-34999190.

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  1. Why not captain always a women because i want to promote the culture of women in the our country because i knew that women are equal to men so why not gives them full rights ?


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