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Make Money With JazzCash in Pakistan

Now you can make money with JazzCash (MobiCash) Account. i will guide you how you can do it and make money from your jazzcash account. Jazzcash has open option for freelancers who want to make money in pakistan by giving customer to Jazz for JazzCash Mobile Account and as per terms and condition you can get paid by jazzcash.

Jazzcash make money

Make Money With JazzCash Invite your Friend.

JazzCash Pays you 15PKR ones you register yourself with JazzCash Account.

JazzCash now brings you an opportunity to win guaranteed cash for every friend that you invite to JazzCash Mobile Account! Get Rs. 15 per friend for every friend who gets registered on your invitation and up to Rs. 100 per friend who also carries out any of the eligible transactions, as given below, during the same month. Incentive details are as follows:

  • Rs. 15 per friend who gets registered on your invitation but does not perform any of the eligible transactions within the same month. Your friend will receive Rs. 15 as well upon successful registration.
  • Rs. 100 per friend if he performs any of the eligible transactions through JazzCash Mobile App within the same month.

So take maximum advantage of this offer and invite all your friends to JazzCash Mobile Account – don’t forget to show them how to make any one of the required transactions within the same month so that you get eligible for up to Rs. 100 cash prize! There is no maximum capping of how much money one customer can earn from this promotion.




How to Register with MobiCASH

Submit your mobilink mobile number or Warid yours can also be part of this just submit your mobile number in Comments Box i will send you invite on your mobile number.

JazzCash pay you 100PKR when you invite your friend 

How to Invite your Friend for JazzCash Step by Step

  1. Dial *786*7#
  2. Enter your friend’s Jazz or Warid number
  3. Your friend will get an invitation SMS from 7026
  4. If your friend agrees to register his Mobile Account, he will respond to this SMS with “1” before midnight 12am the same day
  5. Your friend’s Mobile Account will be registered instantly – you and your friend will receive Rs. 15 in their Mobile Account straightaway!
  6. A confirmation SMS will be sent to your friend for Mobile Account registration from 8558
  7. Your friend will need to dial *786# and setup their MPIN through which their Mobile Account will be secured
  8. You can now educate your friend on how to use the Mobile Account or guide them to call 4444 to get further guidance.

Eligible Transactions

  • Any type of Bill Payment (Electricity, Gas, Water, Telephone, Internet or Mobile Postpaid)
  • Mobile Load for any network
  • Send money to anyone’s CNIC
  • Send money to anyone’s Bank Account

Terms and Conditions

  • If Customer A has already issued an invite to Customer B, then Customer C will not be able to send an invite again to Customer B on the same day
  • Eligible transactions must be performed within the same month
  • Only those accounts will be counted for the prize that are registered by responding to an invitation SMS
  • Invitation SMS must be responded before midnight (12 am) the same day or else the invitation gets expired and will have to be sent again
  • Only those customers can be registered through this process whose Jazz or Warid numbers are biometrically verified with their CNIC and there is no other Mobile Account already registered against that mobile number or CNIC
  • Send Money to JazzCash Mobile Account is not a qualified transaction for this prize
  • If a friend registers and performs a transaction from Mobile App, then the eligible incentive will be Rs. 100 (not Rs. 15 on top)


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