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Karachi traffic police new chief plans campaigns to lay down the law

Karachi Traffic Police Dear Bikers! Its Time To Put On Your Helmets!


Karachi Traffic Police Update: Karachi Me Traffic Police In Action, Helmet Na Pehennay Par 5 Hazar Shehrion Ka Challan, 7 Lakh Rupay Wasool, 304 Motor Cycles Zabt


Karachi Traffic Police to Impose Fines on Bikers Without Helmets Ride

Considering complaints against the city’s traffic police and irregular implementation of traffic laws in the metropolis, the force’s newly appointed Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG), Imran Yaqoob Minhas, has decided to lead a crackdown against black sheep in the department and violators of traffic laws.

Talking to The News, Karachi Traffic Police DIG Minhas said he had planned a phase-wise campaign for the purpose. As part of the first phase, he has ordered compilation of a list of corrupt officers and would be initiating strict action against them.

“While the general lack of road sense among the public adds to our woes, the irony is that the people who do possess some road sense also tend to violate traffic rules,” he regretted.  “It has been decided to initially launch campaigns in all districts of Karachi and, later, strict implementation of laws shall be ensured,” said the DIG.


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In the first phase, the department would stop one-way violations and illegal parking on main thoroughfares along with removal of roadside vendors. “The campaign includes measures for strict implementation of rules regarding safety helmets for motorcyclists and also routine checks of CNG cylinders installed in school vans and other public transport. Moreover, banners and ads with public awareness messages will also be put up across the city,” he said.

DIG Minhas said the ratio of road accidents had increased during the past few months and most of the deceased were pedestrians or motorcyclists, while the cause of death for bikers was mostly head injuries.

Minhas said he had ordered the patrolling officers to challan motorists for driving recklessly in the city, especially on major roads like Sharea Faisal, M A Jinnah and all signal free corridors.     “Most of the deaths in accidents were reported on major roads. I have ordered the officers to challan all violators immediately impound their vehicles,” he said.

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Karachi traffic police circular


The Karachi Traffic Police DIG traffic said it had already been mentioned in the law that wearing helmets was compulsory and several campaigns had been carried out to ensure implementation of traffic laws. “But the majority of motorcyclists do not adhere to the rules for a long time.”


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A drive against motorcyclists who refuse to wear helmets would be started in the next week across the city. “The drive will not be limited to major thoroughfares. After a week’s time, any biker without the helmet will be immediately challenged anywhere in the city and the motorcycle will be impounded.”

Minhas urged people to use safety helmets while driving motorbikes; otherwise a stern legal action will be initiated against violators. He said all stakeholders be consulted and included in the campaign while awareness should also be raised among citizens and at college and university level about the road safety measures like wearing helmets during driving a bike, not jumping traffic signals, avoiding over speeding and overtaking, and use of mobile phones while driving.

Encroachments on roads should be removed in coordination with the city administration and the local government department so that pedestrians could be saved from road accidents, he added.

DIG Minhas said the drive was aimed at reforming traffic system, implementation of traffic rules and preventing road accidents. “Awareness will also be created regarding lane discipline and dangers of over speeding and overloading.” He said banners would also be erected on the main thoroughfares to promote safe driving.

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The city traffic police chief said a campaign would also be launched against school van drivers using CNG cylinders in their vehicles and not following the standing operation procedure. He said the campaign would be started in the coming week for which he had planned to form teams under the supervision of Senior Superintendents of Police (SSPs) of Traffic Districts in all the city’s districts.


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To a query, the DIG traffic school van drivers were again disrespecting the traffic laws and therefore he had decided to launch a new campaign against them.  School administrations had been notified to submit the record of van drivers and their helpers along with their attested documents, he said. “They have to submit the information to the DIG Traffic Office and its registration process shall be started.”

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