karachi electric buses

First electric bus ready to roll in Karachi ?


Karachi: This is good news for Karachi citizens , an hope to transport issue is going to solve . Chines Company has give approval for two thousand mass trasit buses for Karachi city.

Electric bus in record-breaking journey

Mayer Karachi waseem akhtar has given this news that chines company has given approval for 2,000 electric buses in Karachi.

Karachi electric buses

Electric Buses | Environmentally Friendly Buses


Mayer Karachi given briefing about this deal and said very soon we will get 2,000 buses in Karachi those will not need any fuel that will be on electronic system.


Electric Buses Get a Power Boost

karachiites are hopeful to hear this good news. hope Karachi transports issues will be resolves accordingly.

Those buses will be charged by Electricity for that also being made Charging Stations as well.


How Electric Buses Charge ?


charging electric buses

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