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Jazz Tag : Replace your number with a unique #Tag using Jazz.

Remembering phone numbers gets very difficult because we have so many things on our minds. You can now define a Tag for yourself that will serve as your number. This service allows you to create short and catchy virtual number against your name that is linked to your Jazz number. Instead of telling your friends to call on your number, you can ask them to call on your name tag. For instance, #Sana or #Afridi. (For calling tag Sana dial #7262 from your phone’s dial pad).

Offer Details
Un-subscription:  Send Unsub to 6425
Prepaid Charges:Rs.5.98 /week
(Incl. tax)
Postpaid Charges:Rs.20+tax/month
Call Charges:Rs.0.50+tax/minute

Premium Tags are available for Rs.500, Rs.1000 & Rs.5000.


Other Information:

You will get an SMS notification to set your Jazz Tag. For setting a Tag, you will reply with your name or digits associated with the name e.g. for setting Tag “Sana” reply with Sana or 7262(digits on the keypad against these alphabets).

A unique Tag can be assigned to only one number. If another customer requests for the same Tag, he/she will get a notification that the requested tag is not available and will get other available options for setting a Tag against their number.


Call On Jazz Tag:

To reach you on Jazz Tag, your friends and family can simply dial #Tag e.g. to call Sana, customer will dial #Sana (#7262 on dialing pad)

Only on-net numbers can call on Jazz Tag.

Call charges on dialing #tag are Rs.0.5+tax/minute


Jazz Tag Service QnA.

How can I subscribe to Jazz Tag service?

To set a tag, send a tag with 3 or more characters to 6425. Or dial *642# and follow the instructions.

How can I use premium tags?

Premium tags are golden tags that can be used by paying Rs.500, Rs.1000 or Rs.5000 depending on how special the tag is. At the time of subscription, if you don’t have enough balance to pay for a premium tag, you requested tag will be reserved for 24 hours to give you time for recharging your account. Once your account has enough balance, you can send confirmation by sending”1” to short code 6425.

For premium tag Rs.500, Rs.1000 &Rs.5000 will only be the one-time payment. After that, the only weekly subscription will apply.

Do I need a special SIM or phone to subscribe to this service?

No, there is no requirement of a special sim for the Jazz Tag service and the service works on any mobile or smartphone.

What is the Jazz Tag service?

Jazz Tag service allows you to set a tag against your existing Jazz number. Instead of dialing your complete number, a Jazz user can simply dial your unique Tag to contact you.

Do I have a choice in selecting my tag?

Yes, you can set any tag you want as long as it is not reserved against some other number.

How many tags can I set at a time against my number?

You can only set one tag against your number at a time.

Who can subscribe to the Jazz Tag service?

All Jazz prepaid and postpaid customers can subscribe to this service. This service is also available for champion users.

How can people call me on my tag?

To call a tag, simply dial the tag with the prefix #.

For example: In order to call the tag “SAM” dial #726 from your phone. Every number on the dial pad represents a character (S=7, A=2, M=6).

Can anyone call my tag or is it restricted to Jazz numbers only?

Only Jazz numbers can call a tag set against your number.

For example: In order to call the tag “SAM” dial #726 from your phone. Every number on the dial pad represents a character (S=7, A=2, M=6).

How can I unsubscribe from the service?

To unsubscribe from the service, send “UNSUB” to 6425. The service will ask to confirm un-subscription by replying with 1. Send 1 to confirm un-subscription. Please note that once you unsubscribe, the tag will be removed from your number.

What happens if I am unable to pay for the service?

If you are a prepaid or postpaid user your service will be auto-renewed at the end of the week or month respectively. If charging fails due to low balance your tag will not be removed. However, your friends will not be able to call you on your tag. Your tag will be reserved for 90 days in case of failed charging attempts and no other user can use this tag during this period.

What are the service charges?

Service charges are Rs.5.97 incl. tax per week for all prepaid users. For Postpaid, charges are Rs.20+tax/month. Call charges are Rs.0.60 incl. tax/minute. Premium tags have additional one time charges Rs.500, Rs.1000 or Rs.5000 depending on how special the tag is.

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