Jazz 4G SIM Offer | Mobilink new sim offer

jazz 4g sim offer

Mobilink jazz new sim offer

With Jazz 4G SIM Offer Mobilink new sim offer, Jazz wants to encourage its subscribers to experience its fastest and best 4G network by getting a 4G SIM from their nearest Jazz Service Center Mobilink jazz sim name on your id card, Franchise or Retailer Mobilink new sim offer.

Jazz 4g sim offer

Step 1: If you are a prepaid subscriber and not sure about your SIM status, Dial *443*7# now to find out if you have a 4G SIM.
Step 2: If you do not have a 4G SIM, then get your new 4G SIM from nearest Jazz Service center, Franchise or Retailer mobilink jazz sim name
Step: After getting your SIM changed, Just dial *443*30# and enjoy 1Gb of fastest and best Jazz 4G internet for FREE for 30 days Mobilink new sim offer

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jazz 4g sim code

jazz 4g sim Terms and Conditions:


  • Offer is applicable to specific prepaid subscribers only.
  • Usage of data incentive is valid throughout the day with no usage restriction
  • Limited time offer
  • Offer is subject to change anytime
  • Offers are subject to suspension on special occasions at company’s discretion e.g. Eids, Special Holiday’s etc
  • For any additional query call 111 helplines for Rs. 2.39 inclusive of tax
  • Unwanted and unethical (unreasonable) messages can be reported by texting SENDER’s NUMBER (SPACE) message to 9000 –PTA


FAQs for Internet Usage on Jazz and Warid:

What is the difference between 3G and LTE?

LTE (Long Term Evolution) is the fourth generation of Wireless Broadband technology and is the successor of 3G services.

What are the pre-requisites of using LTE on Jazz and Warid SIM?

Jazz and Warid customers will be able to experience LTE if they are in LTE coverage area and have the following:

  1. LTE SIM
  2. LTE compatible handset

How can I check if I have a LTE SIM?

Prepaid customers: Dial *443*6# to check SIM compatibility

Postpaid customers: Dial *446# and select USIM check

How can I obtain an LTE SIM?

Please visit the nearest Franchise or Business Centre to get your LTE SIM after biometric verification

How can I check if I have an LTE compatible handset?

Prepaid customers: Dial *443*7# to check handset compatibility

Postpaid customers: Dial *446# and select LTE Handset check

How do I activate my LTE services?

Prepaid subscribers can activate LTE by dialing *443*13# whereas Postpaid customers can dial *446*13# to activate LTE services Please note that by activating LTE, 2G and 3G services will also be activated.

After activating LTE services, can the existing internet offers be used on LTE?

Yes, all Internet offers are technology neutral, i.e. can be used on LTE in addition to 3G and 2G depending on the service availability. Internet offers can be subscribed by dialing *443*2# for prepaid customers and *446# for postpaid customers

How would I know if I am using LTE services?

Subscriber will be able to see LTE or 4G at the top of their Mobile Screens.

What happens when the subscriber moves out of LTE coverage?

When a subscriber moves out of LTE coverage, he/she will be switched flawlessly to 3G/EDGE depending on the service availability in their area.

What are the advantages of Jazz and Warid’s LTE over other 3G networks?

LTE will have an improved indoor coverage providing a seamless experience in comparison to 3G (depends on factors like locality, handset, usage etc.).

How can Warid subscribers avail Jazz Internet offers in order to use Jazz 3G?

All prepaid and postpaid internet offers across Jazz and Warid are now same and technology neutral. Internet bundles’ information and subscriptions can be accessed by Warid users in the following manner:

Prepaid: dial*443*2# for free to access offer information and thereon for subscription

Postpaid: By calling 321 or visiting Customer touch points. Offer Information can be accessed by dialing *446#

What are the pre-requisites for using 3G on my Jazz and Warid SIM?

To use 3G, only a 3G compatible handset is required and user needs to be in 3G coverage area and provisioned to 3G services.

How can I activate my 3G service?

Prepaid customer will dial *443*3#

Postpaid customer will dial *446*5#

Please note that by activating 3G, 2G services will also be activated.

How would I know if I am using 3G services?

Subscriber will be able to see H, H+ or 3G at the top of their Mobile Screens.

What are the charges to use 2G, 3G or LTE Internet Service?

Using Internet without bundle will be charged at Rs 2+tax/MB for both Prepaid and Postpaid. However, usage from bundles (if subscribed) is according to discounted bundle rates

Will LTE network be available across the country?

Jazz is in the process of rolling out LTE and is partially available in the list of cities attached. We aim to continuously expand our LTE reach and will update you accordingly.

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