How to make money with Careem Pakistan [Complete Guide]


How to make money with Cream

Careem is online taxi service transportation network company based in Dubai, with operations in 53 cities in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. The company is as of 2017 valued at around $1 billion.

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Making money by riding car which you own your car or running as part time. Drive your car with us and earn extra cash deciding your own working hours.


How much you can earn with careem?

careem pakistan

Careem pay you hourly cash income and benefits on hourly ride. if you do max 9 ride in 11 hours. you may earn up to 3150 pkr.


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let me share you hourly basis earning.

if you do

1 hour  ride = 350

if you do 2 hour  ride = 700

if you do 3 hour  ride = 1050

if you do 4 hour  ride = 1400

if you do 5 hour  ride = 1750

if you do 6 hour  ride = 2100

if you do 7 hour  ride = 2450

if you do 8 hour  ride = 2800

if you do 9 hour  ride = 3150

thus if you complete your daily 9 rides target you can minium get 3150 per day,

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Earn More

Fulfill your needs and dreams by making extra cash. Careem gives you the opportunity to work as much as you need to.

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Enjoy Flexibility

Careem allows you to drive when you like to. Spend your time in office during the day and grab a ride on the way back home. Choose your own work/life balance.

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24/7 Support

Careem is with you on and off the road. Call us when you need us or visit us at our locations whenever you feel like.


Careem connects you to passengers who are in need of a ride with a simple tap on your phone’s screen. Simply arrive at the location, drop at the destination and get paid.


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All you need is a Car, your CNIC and a valid Driving License.

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Pass on your information over to us

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Car Inspection

Get your car inspected at any of our locations

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