Faisal Movers Premium Bus service


Faisal Movers Launches Premium Business Bus Service at Cheap Price

After the introduction of Faisal Movers Premium Bus Service on the Islamabad-Lahore route, Faisal Movers has announced the launch of yet another service that is geared towards offering more comfort and luxury – Business Class Bus Service.

There are a lot of resemblance between both but the latter focus more on the comfort of the passengers and has some additional features.


The new service doesn’t come with enhanced charges, we have confirmed with After confirming with Faisal Movers. Departure of each bus is scheduled after every half an hour and the fare is exactly the same – Rs. 900.


Faisal Movers Premium Business Bus Service Lahore to Islamabad

The launch of the Business Service is essential, seeing how Faisal Movers moves in to enhance its reputation as a premium transportation services provider. The move is widely aimed at addressing its reputation, which has been deteriorating in recent years.


Faisal movers online booking

Currently Faisal Movers online booking system is under process and customers can directly get tickets to their customer services and

  • Lahore | Islamabad | Rawalpindi | Multan | Peshawar |Karachi
  • UAN: 111-22-44-88


Faisal Movers Premium Business Buss Features

Moving towards the specifications of the Business Class service, the sources claim that the bus is much more comfortable and has some additional features which include:

  • Bigger Bus
  • Recliner Seats
  • Phone Charging Facility
  • High-Speed Internet Connection
  • Dedicated Screens with VOD
  • Economical Fare

Faisal Movers Contacts

Faisal movers premium service can be contacted by thier stops lahore stop is at yateem khana opp to Niazi Adda and Islamabad Adaa is at Faizabad Bus stop Islamabad website. http://faisalmover.com/

Here is a comprehensive look at the Business Class Bus:

Faisal Movers Premium Bus service Faisal Movers Premium Bus service Faisal Movers Premium Bus service Faisal Movers Premium Bus service

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