HBL Machine Hacked

Chinese hackers Hack big amount of ATMs Cards of Karachi citizens. ATM Scammers has hacked 570 atm cards cash out all money.  This was done by scamming device which has read all atm card information hackers set this to ATM Device hidden way.  Access from cards to bank accounts was done by scamming devices which were attached hackers with ATM Machines.  Which access and share data with hackers. Many ATM users in millions have been the thief by this from bank accounts. FIA has started the investigation on this case.

Chinese Hackers Hack HBL ATM Machines in Pakistan

Hackers only hack those things

  • Copying your ATM card Data
  • Stealing your ATM PIN



Many ATM Cards Accounts Data Compromised


Experts say its done by Scamming Device which hackers attached with ATM machine which read the card all record when user do transactions and type password too.  Hacker received those confidential data of that account and he can cash out money from any other country.


HBL has Blocked all ATM Cards

yes, its true HBL has blocked all atm cards for Security Purpose and they will issue new atm card to their customers. this message I got today from HBL 4250 Brands SMS number.


HBL blocked ATM Cards



State Bank of Pakistan said we communicating with all banks.  According to reports banks resources says, Data steal by scamming devices. Interested fact is Hacker cash money from Pakistan but its shows it was cash out from China.  100 Thousands of amounts were stolen by this hacking attempt Account balance goes into zero balance.


All banks declared that after the investigation the amount which was stealing by hackers will be returned to that person after the complete investigation.This hacking attempt was so fast won in week hundreds of Pakistani atm cards hacked.


FIA says this hacking was done with the secret device on ATM Machine.  Which read the card information when user insert Atm card into ATM Machine and fake keypad get all passwords and send directly to hackers The story makes more interested when a hidden security camera also helps hackers to attack very sharply.


Always check ATM machine before inserting ATM Card into ATM Machine, Is there any other devices is attached or not. If you found the type of suspected then report to that bank and don’t cash out your money from that suspected ATM Machine.

Habib bank representative Naveed Asghar said the affected customers in 100 million rupees have been stolen out from those accounts. They have received 579 accounts was compromised and got affected by this hacking attempts.

HBL has world largest ATM network and it’s around 2000 ATM machines are installed but they have received only 4 ATM effected by this attack.



1 atm was from Karachi and 3 ATM’s from Islamabad got hacked but now they are clear. They said as per cashing money from the bank, Bank cross check from the customer for verification of amount.  The bank is giving clearance and paying the money back to those customers whose amount got hacked by ATM Hacking attempt.














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