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Bykea Online Bike Service in Pakistan


With the successful story of car hailing services – Uber and Careem, an online bike hailing service in Karachi,Lahore ,Multan,Rawalpindi,Islamabad,Faisalabad and Peshawar has been introduced named Bykea. It is an on demand ride-hailing and parcel delivery service that exclusively focus on the use of motorbikes.


About bykea online bike service

It seems that the Bykea operators have lent the main idea from Uber and Careem where the users can order a bike pick up for themselves or their parcel through a mobile application.

The startup only provides services in Karachi at the moment, where they are targeting the commuters who would prefer to ride on a motorcycle. Not just for the avid mobile users, people can also book their ride by calling 03 111 111 700.

bykea online bike service



Bykea apart from being a fast solution in the city where traffic jams are a normal thing is also cost effective as their base fare is only PKR 30 where they charge PKR 4 per KM and PKR 1 per minute.

How To use Bykea online bike service

The Bykea Android app is pretty easy to use. Follow these simple steps:

bykea online bike service

bykea online bike service

bykea online bike service

  • Download app from Play Store
  • Sign up on the mobile app
  • Choose whether to use the service for parcel delivery or for a ride
  • Tap the “Chalo” (Let’s go) button
  • You’ll be connected with the nearest rider who will pick you up from your desired location
  • Get instant confirmation with Bykea partner details
  • Track your Bykea as it reaches you
  • Once your trip ends, you can pay by cash
  • Rate your partner!

Future of Bykea

Although Bykea have laid down some pre-requisites to be partnered with the app as rider on their official web page, even then people have to look into the safety measures being adopted by them.

One last thing, after the revelation that Uber and Careem are illegal, maybe they should also think about how they’ll be paying taxes too (just so we can avoid a new twitter trend).

Let’s hope for the best to Bykea!


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