AliPay in Pakistan

Alipay in pakistan Launching Very Soon

Story of alipay in pakistan Minister of Information and Technology Anusha Rehman announced about  Alipay Online Payment Gateway  will be working in Pakistan very soon. She stated while speaking at the National Competition of Final Year Projects at Islamabad. The event was organized by National ICT R&D Fund.

While speaking with Minister Information Technology  Anusha Rehman repeated the mission of Pakistan’s Government to connect the unconnected population of Pakistan with Internet and technology. She also mentioned that Prime Minister of Pakistan has recently signed a MoU with Alibaba Group, the ecommerce giant of China. However, Alipay is another venture of Alibaba, for online payments will soon be available in Pakistan.

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AliPay in Pakistan

Alipay is a venture of AliBaba Group which means that the recent collaboration between Government and AliBaba will finally pave the way for an online payment platform in Pakistan. Which means huge growth and transactions influx in the ecommerce industry of Pakistan.

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Online payment gateway in pakistan

Great news with Ali very soon Paypal will be upcoming service in pakistan as pakistani entrepreneurs are require to working online with the ever growing friendship between Pakistan and China, it seems that Alipay will be available in the country very soon.

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