Admiral Zafar Abbasi

Admiral Zafar Mahmood abbasi will take charge of Chief of Naval Staff at Naval Headquarters. After good tenure of Admiral ZakaUllah service of Pakistan navy got high success rate induction of Submarines and Air Crafts
with Missile Ships and Ship Carriers.Today Admeiral ZakaUllah will be retired from Pakistan Navy. Admeiral
ZakaUllah Change of Command is held at Naval HeadQurter Islamabad.

ISLAMABAD: Admiral Zafar Abbasi took charge of Pakistan Navy on Thursday, as his predecessor Admiral Zakaullah
stepped down.

Admiral Zafar Abbasi

A ceremony was held to mark the beginning of the new naval chief’s tenure. Admiral Zakaullah, who retired today,
passed the baton of charge to Admiral Zafar Abbasi.

Congratulating Admiral Zafar Abbasi on becoming the new naval chief, the outgoing chief said that Pakistan was a
gift from God and that defending the motherland was dearer to the officers of the navy than their own lives.

“Allah gave me the opportunity to defend the motherland,” he said. “Our association with Pakistan Navy is a
matter of pride,” he added.

Admiral Zakaullah said that Pakistan Navy was one of the strongest naval forces in the world and that the
country still faced security challenges.

“We are ever ready to defend ourselves against the traditional rival,” he said.

Abbasi joined the Pakistan Navy in 1978, and was educated at the Pakistan Naval Academy, and did his initial
training at the Britannia Royal Naval College at Dartmouth in United Kingdom.[2] He gained commissioned in the
Navy as Lieutenant in 1981 upon graduating from the Naval Academy and was conferred with the Sword of Honour.
He served as an executive officer in Tariq-class destroyer.

He later joined the Submarine Branch, and specialised in underwater warfare in Pakistan as well as qualified for
the Surface warfare from the United States.

He is a graduate of the Royal Australian Naval College, attending it in 1989, and attained B.S., and MSc from
the National Defence University.

His command assignment included his role as commandant of the Naval Academy, as well as Director-General of the
Maritime Security Agency, which he commanded from 2010 until 2011.[6] From 2001–03, he was the commanding
officer of the PNS Khaiber. From 2005 until 2007, he commanded the 21st Mine Squadron and 25th Destroyer
Squadron. In 2008, he was promoted to one-star rank, Commodore, and was the ACNS (Operations) and later, the
ACNS (Plans), until he was promoted to two-star rank in 2010.

Rear-Admiral Abbasi took over the command of the Combined Task Force 150 which he led from April 2010 until
relieving it on October 2010. In 2013, Rear-Admiral Abbasi took over the command as Commander Logistics (COMLOG)
but this was a short-lived appointment.

In 2013, Rear-Admiral Abbasi was appointed as the Commander of the Karachi Coast (COMKAR), becoming Flag officer
commanding (FOC) of the Pakistan Marines.

In 2014, Rear-Admiral Abbasi was appointed as fleet commander of the Pakistan Navy as Commander Pakistan Fleet
(COMPAK) with three-star rank promotion.

In 2014, Vice-Admiral Abbasi was in the race to be appointed as a four-star admiral and take over the command of
the Navy as its Chief of Naval Staff, alongside with Vice-Admiral Khan Hasham bin Saddique and Vice-Admiral S.
A. Hussaini.[14] However, the most senior admiral in the Navy, Admiral Moh’d Zakaullah was promoted to the
four-star appointment, He continued serving as the DCNS (Operations) at the Navy NHQ.[16]

Upon the retirement of Vice-Admiral Khan Hasham bin Saddique, Vice-Admiral Abbasi took over as the vice chief of
naval staff in June 2017.The latest appointment has been made on a summary initiated by the Ministry of Defence
as per rules and regulations.

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